Friday, November 02, 2007

Housing Challenges and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Featured Speakers: Stephen W. Giddings, consultant, International Housing Coalition

Urbanization in Africa is happening at an alarming rate, and by 2030 Africa will be more urban than rural. However, while the rate of urbanization is increasing, it has not caused poverty to decrease, and in some areas poverty has actually increased. Because of this, poverty alleviation efforts must focus more on the urban areas, specifically within the housing sector. Stephen W. Giddings, a consultant to the International Housing Coalition, discussed the challenges posed by urbanization and policy reforms the government can implement in order to reduce poverty. One of the main problems is the lack of affordable housing for the poorest people. Giddings recommended that 11 actions should be considered by the US government to help housing development in urban areas in Africa. If implemented, these actions can pull together US and African governments and non-governmental organizations to work towards making housing a priority for all institutions.

Sponsor: Society for International Development’s Africa Roundtable and Urban Development Work Group and the International Housing Coalition

Location: Chemonics International, 1717 H Street, NW, Washington, DC

Date: Friday, October 26, 2007

Time: 12:30-2pm

Approximate Number of Attendees: 20

Intern Attending: Keely Foutch

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