Monday, July 10, 2006

Georgia Problems and Prospects

June 5, 2006 12-1:30 PM

Speakers: Former American Ambassador to Georgia and Current executive director of Open World Leadership Center Richard Miles. The Moderator is Blair Rubble.

The US perspective of Georgia as a failed state. Georgians has very strong family relations that helped people survive hardships.

During the time when Ambassador Miles was in Georgia, the state was facing major problems and it seemed in a helpless situation. The Country infrastructure was falling apart on all levels (roads, hospitals, schools, electricity). Employees were not receiving their salaries for a number of years due to bribery and corruption. Also Georgia was suffering high criminalities rates.

The Major problems in Georgia were summarized into:
Eliminating Corruption and the need to building democracy by developing well organized parliamentary elections. Human Rights lack of religious freedom (widespread anti Evangelical Church sentiment). Health Care is in a dire situation.

What was mentioned about UNDP?
The Execution of Preliminary election was conducted by the help of USA, EU, OSCE … as well as many international organizations including the UNDP, all very active. UNDP donated 1.5 million dollars to the building democracy program in Georgia.

by Youmna Diri

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